RUF Drops Quartet Of Awesome Porsche-Based Models In Geneva

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Four cars with 2,734 horsepower between them.

RUF is a company somewhere between a tuner and an automaker. Though the cars are all based off Porsche models, some of them are so extensively modified that you have to think of them as their own things. And with the unveiling of four new models in Geneva, that line hasn't gotten any less blurry. The first of these is the Turbo Florio, which has a name that is a clever play on words. The car name bears a resemblance to Targa Florio, the rally race dating back to 1906.

So as the name suggests, the car is a turbocharged version of the 911 Targa, a combination Porsche itself doesn't offer. The car makes 630 horsepower and is available with rear- or all-wheel-drive. Next up is the RGT 4.2, which is very similar to Porsche's own GT3, just a little more so. The car has a 4.2-liter naturally-aspirated flat-six that makes 525 horsepower, it also comes with a roll cage installed. Next up is one of those extensively modified models, the CTR 3 "Hippie." The car has some obvious Porsche roots, but is mid-engine with a completely new body. Power has also been bumped up to 777 horsepower.

Last is the range-topping RTR. This is something akin to the GT2, during those rare periods when Porsche is actually building one of those. The 3.8-liter flat-six is turbocharged to produce 802 horsepower, which it sends through a six-speed manual transmission to all four wheels. The roll cage is already installed, as with the RGT 4.2. Big carbon ceramics are used to bring the car to a halt, more or less a necessity with the top speed being 218 mph. All four models can be easily told apart from the Porsche models they're based off by the bodywork, and all four are very impressive machines.

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