RUF Reveals Off-Road Rodeo Concept And First Production SCR


RUF's love letter to Western Americana is an unusual pastiche with eclectic influences.

For a brief, glorious period of time earlier in our collective automotive history, manufacturers had the hots for daring two-tone exterior paint jobs, and we here at CarBuzz spend many a sleepless night staring up at the ceiling wishing that aesthetic would come back into vogue.

More than likely, we'll have to keep on waiting, but that doesn't mean that two-tone paint jobs have been completely lost to the ages. For example, take a look at this: RUF's new Porsche 911-based "Rodeo" concept. Intended as an homage to the Porsche 911 Safari rally cars of yesteryear, the car isn't really a 911 at all, being based on a carbon-fiber monocoque of RUF's own design.

The new concept was put on display at RUF's Pfaffenhausen, Germany headquarters recently, at the same time the company revealed the first production SCR - a resplendent rear-engine sports car built on the same chassis, with a 4.0L flat-six that puts out 510 naturally aspirated horsepower at a dizzying 8,270 rpm.


Before either of those cars, though, the carbon monocoque premiered in the RUF CTR Anniversary, and it's RUF's first chassis developed in-house; previously, the renowned sports car manufacturer got on by building its high-performance vehicles using actual production Porsches as donor cars.

That monocoque is reinforced by an integrated roll cage, hidden behind the interior pillar trim panels and headliner for a clean, simple road car look. The concept sports all-wheel drive, a suspension lift, and big all-terrain tires for off-road capabilities befitting its rugged go-anywhere looks. Details of the powerplant in this concept aren't immediately available, but the chassis has demonstrated its ability to accommodate either a naturally aspirated mill, like the SCR's aforementioned high-revving 4.0L, or a twin-turbo RUF flat-six, like the 710-horsepower monster in the CTR Anniversary.

This RUF-built reimagining of a vintage Porsche 911 Safari car takes its inspiration from some disparate sources, including Southwestern Native American artwork, the Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance, and Ralph Lauren's 2011 Western Collection. Ralph Lauren is a passionate vintage car fan and RUF owner.

RUF has also cited fellow owners Bruce Meyer and Phillip Sarofim as Rodeo concept influences.

"When we began building our own automobiles it was all for the thrill of the drive," said Estonia Ruf, Marketing Director for the sports car manufacturer. "The Rodeo Concept combines that passion for cars with the love of western culture-an appreciation I found while studying in Oklahoma, USA. This car is inspired by some of our favorite people and our love for the countryside."

It's not clear whether the RUF Rodeo is actually intended for production, but if it is, you'd better believe it will be available in the US; this reimagined Porsche 911 is an effusive love letter to Western Americana.

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