RUF Unveils The Ultimate Resto-Mod Porsche 911

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The 964 911 has never looked better.

The all-new Porsche 911 is a top-notch sports car, but plenty of buyers still prefer the classic feel from one of the classic air-cooled cars. And for wealthy buyers who want the air-cooled experience with a modern bespoke flavor, few automakers make a better product than RUF. The once-small shop has been building cars based on the 911 and other Porsche models for decades now, and it has just announced a new model that is available to order.

The RUF RCT Evo is based on the 964-generation 911 with completely bespoke alterations. RUF first introduced the RCT in 1990, so this new Evo model continues the heritage in the modern era. Buyers can opt for narrow or wide-body or a full carbon fiber skin, each with a powerful turbocharged flat-six engine (air-cooled, of course).


The 3.6-liter air-cooled flat-six engine produces a healthy 425 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. While these numbers pale in comparison to a new 911 Turbo S's 640 hp, the RUF RCT Evo should be plenty quick thanks to its low curb weight. It also comes with a manual transmission, which should keep the driver busy managing all of that power going out to the rear wheels.

RUF says the RCT Evo is far from a stock 964. Buyers can opt for a fully bespoke carbon fiber body, which is lighter and more aerodynamic. The automaker will also offer optional carbon-ceramic brakes, center-lock wheels, and an integrated roll cage.


"While the technology has evolved since 1990, the formula for a fun car has not," said Estonia Ruf of RUF Automobile. "The RCT takes that formula and turns up the dial." We have no doubts that the RCT Evo will be a phenomenal driving experience, but it won't come cheap. The car starts at €350,000 (around $423,000), plus the cost of a donor 964. As expected of a car at the price point, buyers will have a nearly endless array of options, in case you don't like the luminous purple hue on the widebody example pictured here. With the vast array of available customization, RUF is certain that "no two RUF RCTs are alike."


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