Rule Your Town in Al Capone's Limo

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The all-American gangster was the owner of an all-American car.

He may have died from syphilis in 1947, but during his heyday Al Capone lived the life of a big shot mobster. He ruled Chicago during Prohibition and anyone who got in his way paid a huge price. Translation: they got killed. So what kind of car would a man like Capone ride around in? Turns out he was chauffeured in a 1930 Packard Limo 733 Series. Vehicle number 292374 was delivered by Evanston Packard to Capone in Chicago on July 21, 1930.

Capone supposedly bought the car for his wife, but the proof of his ownership is clear. It's amazingly in solid condition and still runs, although judging from these pictures a restoration of some sort is needed. But that will only come after it's been purchased, and the asking price is currently $125,000. We're kind of surprised that a car like this isn't in some museum, but it's still a really cool piece of American history that some collector will surely have no problem paying the high price to own. Hat tip to businessjunk.

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