Rumor: 2012 BMW M5 Possibly Getting Carbon Ceramic Brakes

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Rumor has it that BMW will be giving the 2012 M5 a new set of high-tech brakes.

The BMW M3 has had a lot of other cars gunning for its spot at the top of that particular market niche, but it is usually agreed that the M3 is still at the top of the heap. The M5's position, on the other hand, is a bit more open to debate. BMW would like their M5 to dominate in the way the M3 does, but this will take more than simple horsepower, since the competition has no problem producing that. Rumor have now surfaced that BMW is looking to the M5's brakes.

It is said that they are in talks with Brembo to offer carbon ceramic brakes for the 2012 M5. This kind of brake setup is common on racecars or supercars, but it isn't often that a sedan gets a set. It does make sense though, the M5 is big, heavy and fast. Reigning in all that speed can produce quite a bit of heat. If the M5 can cope with that heat better than the competition, it will have a handling edge over the rest of the pack.


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