RUMOR: 2023 Honda Civic Type R Will Be More Exclusive Than The Type R LE

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No one is getting this thing for under MSRP.

We've got some bad news. Potentially. It looks like the Honda Civic Type R is going to be a flipper's dream. A rumor indicates that Honda is going to severely limit the Type R's production numbers. For now, it looks like Honda is going to follow the Toyota GR Corolla sales plan.

According to a claimed Honda dealership employee on the Civic XI forum, Canadian Type R sales will be limited to just 546 units for our northern neighbors. Across three years. That comes out to depressing 182 units per year, and less than even America saw when the Type R LE came out. We don't know if this is going to happen in America, but the forum post doesn't give us high hopes.

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The claimed dealership employee, going by "fastSI" says they work for a dealer in Quebec, Canada, who just got news from Honda Canada. The new Type R, per fastSI, will be available for three years only, starting this year with the car's big debut. That means production will end in 2025. In all, 546 units will be made for all of Canada. These cars will reportedly be so limited that you'll have to be a "big dealer."

Apparently, fastSI's dealer is one such dealer and was told that it would only be getting a total of seven Type Rs across the car's alleged 3-year production run. From there, the dealer will allegedly be limited to two or three cars in the first year, with the orders being placed on Monday. The purported dealership employee goes on to state that two of these are already going to fill their orders on July 11. If they do, that means there will be one car left for this dealer for 2023.

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Don't panic just yet. America is a much, much larger market, country, and economy than Canada. There are hundreds of millions more people living here. IF the Type R is as limited as this dealer employee alleges it will be, the allocations for America should be at significantly larger. Still, even if you double that number, it doesn't leave much hope.

For now, we're not sure if that will be the case. Honda has not given any indication that this will or will not be the case. However, Toyota will likely rake in cash hand over fist by using the same strategy for its GR Corolla. Perhaps Honda saw the dollar signs and had a think.

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Source Credits: Civic XI Forum

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