This Is When 2024 Ford Maverick Order Books Open

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Missed out on a '23 model? There's a chance you can be one of the first for '24.

The 2024 Ford Maverick is expected to arrive in dealerships sometime this fall and now we're hearing a rumor that the Blue Oval will begin accepting orders on July 17. The information comes from Ford Authority and we also reached out to the automaker seeking additional confirmation. Unfortunately, a spokesperson only replied to us with the following: "We don't share future expected production dates."

Chances are the '24 Maverick order books will open sometime in July and we expect Ford will make an official announcement prior to then. Built at Ford's Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico, the Maverick's new model year production start date is also rumored to kick off on October 16. Again, we don't have official confirmation. It's important to take into account that there are still supply chain issues, so it's possible these dates could change somewhat. What's for certain is that Maverick demand remains extremely high and Ford will shortly add a third shift to increase production.

2023 Ford Maverick Front-End View Ford
2023 Ford Maverick Rear Perspective Driving Ford
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Back in the summer of 2022, Ford was forced to literally bump up Maverick orders to the '23 model year because they couldn't be built fast enough. The Maverick Hybrid in particular, with its EPA-rated 42 mpg, has been immensely popular. There was a time when Ford was forced to only suspend hybrid orders for several months. A 250-horsepower 2.0-liter Ecoboost engine is currently a $2,220 option. It was also literally impossible to find a Maverick with either of the two available powertrains on a dealership lot last summer.

This is obviously something that needs to be corrected and it's good to know Ford has been taking the appropriate steps in doing so though it won't happen overnight. What changes can we expect for the '24 Maverick? Aside from the usual packaging alterations, it's possible some new exterior colors will debut (and some might be discontinued).

2023 Ford Maverick Frontal Aspect Ford
2023 Ford Maverick Lineup Ford
2023 Ford Maverick Front View Driving Ford

The Tremor Off-Road and Appearance Packages came last year, costing $2,995 and $1,495, respectively. The Tremor Off-Road Plus Appearance Package cost another $4,490. All three will undoubtedly continue for '24 but we wouldn't be surprised to see a price boost across the board.

Last year, for example, Maverick prices increased substantially. The upcoming model year's pricing should be revealed in the coming few months. So, will there be a Maverick Raptor? That's the million-dollar question and Ford refuses to comment. If that variant is indeed in the pipeline it probably won't come for the upcoming model year because the focus will mostly be on the new Ranger and Ranger Raptor.

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2023 Ford Maverick Front-End View
2023 Ford Maverick Frontal Aspect
2023 Ford Maverick Lineup
2023 Ford Maverick Front View Driving
2023 Ford Maverick Rear Perspective Driving

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