Rumor: A New Lamborghini SUV or Sedan?

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According to sources, Lamborghini has ambitions to produce either a new SUV or sedan. Lamborghini is building prototypes of each version and they plan on making their decision before the company's 50th anniversary in 2013. According to sources, the Italians are enlisting the help of fellow VW family member Porsche, who have experience in the SUV field.

Lamborghini's last SUV model was the 4x4 LM002 in the early Eighties, affectionately known as the "Rambo Lambo." The attractive part of returning to SUV's is that Lamborghini could enter a market where Ferrari can't go, giving them a huge competitive edge. The Estoque, Lamborghini's sedan option which debuted in concept form at the 2008 Paris Motor Show could even contain parts of the Cayenne and Panamera platforms. Stefan Winkelmann, the CEO of Lamborghini has already weighed in.

He has repeatedly said that the Estoque should be produced sooner rather than later if they want to grow globally as a brand. If they could use the most advanced GT architecture, they could engineer a front-engine GT coupe derivative and possibly even a convertible. In whichever direction Lamborghini decides to go, the sedan or the SUV will be undoubtedly be in high demand.

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