Rumor: All-Electric Porsche Cayenne To Launch In 2026

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The newcomer will reportedly be based on the same architecture as the Macan EV.

According to an unconfirmed report from Autocar, Porsche is hard at work developing an all-electric successor to the Cayenne SUV.

According to the report, the new EV will arrive in 2026 and use the same Premium Platform Electric (PPE) underpinnings headed to the Macan EV. If that timeline is accurate, the as-yet-unnamed Cayenne EV will arrive two years after the electric Macan and a year ahead of Porsche's new seven-seat range-topper, which is internally codenamed K1.

With PPE architecture, the electric Cayenne should be eligible for advanced torque vectoring tech and four-wheel steering. If the Taycan is anything to go by, the Cayenne EV will drive unlike anything else in its class.


The platform also allows for 800-volt charging technology that will enable charging speeds of 270 kW and higher, while a 100 kWh battery should provide a range north of 300 miles. A permanently excited motor on each axle is said to offer better efficiency and power density than those used on the current Taycan. We can expect even more outright horsepower too.

Porsche has confirmed that the electric Macan will produce more than 600 horsepower, and it only stands to reason that an electric Cayenne would outperform its smaller sibling. Things look promising for the combustion-free Cayenne, but where does that leave its predecessor?

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It appears that the current-generation Cayenne will soldier on well into the launch cycle of its electric replacement to meet the demands of those who do not wish to go electric. This is no bad thing, as the development of the facelifted Cayenne is so intense as to be near a complete redesign.

According to series manager Michael Schatzle, "It's one of the most extensive product upgrades in the history of Porsche." If the German automaker takes a mid-life refresh so seriously, you can be confident that an all-electric version of the same car will be just as impressive.

We expect some official confirmation on the matter sometime this year, but when is anybody's guess.


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