Rumor: BMW Altering Future Small Car Lineup

According to recent rumors, the next generation BMW 1-Series will be receiving various modifications that will make it more compatible with current economical realities. It will spawn a city compact, a family-friendly sports tourer, and a Gran Turismo. To handle this multiple engineering, it will have an increased wheelbase over the current model and will showcase luxury options usually found in higher-end luxury cars.

However, the current 1-Series that we all know will soon become the 2-Series. Really? The next 1-Series may, in fact, be a lineup of city cars. The current 1-Series coupe and cabriolet will simply become the 2-Series and its coupe and cabriolet versions will continue. And yes, BMW has decided to unveil an M2 model due to all of the positive reactions from its 1-Series M Coupe.

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