Rumor: BMW To Launch 2- And 4-Series

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According to a recent report, BMW will shortly be making some changes to its badging strategy. The plan is to rebadge the next generation 1- and 3- Series coupes and convertibles into the 2- and 4-Series. Nothing yet has been confirmed by BMW. So what's the reason for this? Audi has done the same thing to the A5 coupe, convertible, and Sportback, which are based off the A4 sedan.

Mercedes-Benz also did this with the E-Class coupe and convertible, which come from the C-Class sedan. Several years ago, BMW apparently came very close to creating the 4-Series from the 3-Series coupe, but decided at the last minute against the idea. They were supposedly nervous about a perceived view of brand weakness. Times are different now and with fellow German automakers having no problem with their images, BMW feels more confident to make the change, only for two models this time.

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