Rumor: BMW X4 Canceled

Yes. According to Autocar UK, the long rumored BMW X4 has been canceled, at least for now. It was initially thought to make its debut in 2012, but those plans, much like Paris Hilton's singing career, are finished. The X4 was considered to be a much more agile SUV and even was positioned higher than the X6, which it would have been based off. If the X4 had gone into production, it would have shared a lot of its hardware and interior components with the X3.

Several months ago, there was speculation that the X4 would be offered with various 4- and 6-cylinder engines and even a hybrid version. All-wheel-drive would have been standard. The main reason for BMW's altered strategy may be due to the automaker's undecided platform strategy for the next generation X3 and X5. Photo displayed is of the 2009 BMW X6 UK Version.

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