Rumor: Ferrari Supposedly to Build 599 Fernando Alonso Edition


Ferrari is reportedly working on a 599 Alonso edition before the flagship's production run ends.

Internet filled with rumors? Never heard of such a thing. Then again, sometimes they actually turn out to be true. In this particular case, however, it does seem possible. With the Ferrari 599 set to be replaced fairly soon, it's time for various special editions to be introduced. This is quite common among supercar automakers and sometimes the end result is amazing while other times it can come across as rather gimmicky.

Other previous special 599 editions included the HY-KERS concept, 599XX, GTO, and the China edition. But according to Autoblog and some other online chat forums, Ferrari is planning to end the 599's production run with a 599 Fernando Alonso edition, which is rumored to be lighter than any of the other previous 599s.

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Supposedly set to be launched in January, only 40 units are scheduled for production. Again this all a rumor for now, which was partially sparked by this video showing the F1 driver behind the wheel of a F10 Tribute Edition 599 GTO for some test laps.