Rumor: Ford Expedition Raptor On The Way

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The automaker, so far, refuses to confirm anything.

According to a report from Ford Authority citing unnamed sources, Ford is considering a more off-road capable version of the full-size Expedition SUV than the new Timberline trim and goes as far as to suggest it could be a Raptor variant of the big SUV.

While we think it's unlikely (more on that later), there have been rumors floating around of various Raptor models. The Ranger Raptor is a no-brainer, although Ford hasn't ruled out a Super Duty truck Raptor. If you consider a Ford Super Duty Raptor a realistic proposition that would sell, an Expedition Raptor doesn't seem too unrealistic.

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Given the success of the Raptor badge and its crazy desert-running performance no other automaker has rivaled; it would make sense for Ford to expand the lineup or even Raptor all the vehicles. After all, Dodge has shown that as a proof of concept with its Hellcat lineup.

However, we wouldn't get too excited as a Raptor vehicle is a huge undertaking to develop as Ford has shown with the F-150 Raptor and the Bronco Raptor. It's not just about the engine as it requires a complete reworking of the chassis for a suspension system capable of both low-speed rock crawling and high-speed desert running.


Our Take: There's A Better Option

Developing an Expedition Raptor would be a costly affair for something that's typically purchased as a more luxurious family hauler. The market would be small, and the Bronco Raptor is already an SUV you can thrash in the desert. What we see as more likely is a more hardcore but traditional off-road package.

The Timberline works well as a family adventure vehicle capable of tackling dirt roads and softer trails, but Ford would do well to push into Toyota's TRD territory with something that can battle truly tough terrain. Plus, Ford wouldn't need to compete directly with TRD models. It could instead push to fill the gap (currently) left by the Toyota Land Cruiser in the US but with a much more attractive price point.


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2022-2023 Ford Expedition Rear Angle View
2022-2023 Ford Expedition Side View
2022-2023 Ford Expedition Front Angle View

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