RUMOR: High-Performance Lexus LS F And LF SUV Have Been Cancelled

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Japan's S63 AMG rival is dead in the water.

Reports from Japan suggest the Lexus LS F, the automaker's proposed Mercedes-AMG S63 fighter, and the upcoming LF SUV have been scrapped.

The report comes via Japan's Best Car, and while it is unconfirmed from within Toyota HQ, the publication has a strong track record and previously reported on the advent of the all-new Crown sedan.

Both models were predicted to debut with the brand's twin-turbocharged V8 engine. This mill was expected to power the rumored LC F high-performance coupe, but we've since learned that, too, will not make it to production.

The decision come sat a time when the Toyota brand is stuck in the middle of a shift to electrification while still focusing on combustion and hydrogen alternatives, and seems like a bid to focus on core models rather than expanding unnecessarily at a time when many markets are on the verge of a recession.

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The Japanese publication gives no reason for the sudden cancellation. However, until we hear from Toyota/Lexus, we have to treat this as a rumor. As such, there's a very good chance that both the LS F and LF SUV could still make an appearance.

The brand may see no point in developing high-performance cars with thirsty V8 engines. After all, Lexus representatives have previously stated that the 2UR V8 (as used by the IS 500) is on its last legs and that the next generation of Lexus F models will receive hybridized engines. This makes sense for the LS F, which would be a low-volume product, but the LF SUV, previewed by the LF-Z Concept, would surely have been a means to print money for the brand.

This means the LS F and LF may adopt electrically-assisted V6 engines that have been fettled for more performance.

2021-2022 Lexus LS Rear View Driving Lexus 2021-2022 Lexus LS Front-End View Lexus
2021-2022 Lexus LS Rear View Driving
2021-2022 Lexus LS Front-End View

It wouldn't be a surprise, as the current generation LS was the first generation to receive V6 power as standard with no V8 option. Up until 2017, the Japanese luxury sedan was powered by a lusty V8.

Then again, large sedans are falling out of favor with consumers, who now desire powerful luxury SUVs. The Lexus, were it to arrive, would have to battle established players such as AMG, Audi Sport, and perhaps even Bentley. That's a tall order for a brand known for its sensible hybrid SUVs.

There's also a possibility that Lexus is dropping these pricey projects to focus on smaller, more mainstream models. There are rumors the automaker is planning to revive the CT nameplate as a crossover of sorts. Nothing has been confirmed, but reports suggest it will touch down both in hybrid and fully-electric forms.

2021-2022 Lexus LS Lateral View Lexus Lexus
2021-2022 Lexus LS Lateral View
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2021-2022 Lexus LS Front-End View 2021-2022 Lexus LS Rear View Driving 2021-2022 Lexus LS Lateral View

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