Rumor: Lamborghini Cabrera Could Have 600 HP

Although Lamborghini has just launched its all new V12 Aventador, that hasn't stopped rumors about the upcoming Gallardo replacement. Supposedly to be called the Cabrera, the car could pack a total of 600 hp from its V10 engine. Why 600 hp? Because Lamborghini has launched a number of special edition Gallardo's that have output just shy of 600 hp.

Since its introduction in 2003, the Gallardo has seen regular power increases and the Cabrera will reportedly come with the same composite structure monocoque as the Aventador. The Gallardo was launched with an all-aluminum 5-liter V10 with 500 hp at 7,800 rpm. No word yet on whether the displacement will be the same, but the V10 aluminum block will likely remain. Other rumors have claimed that the Cabrera will utilize some form of forced induction. More details will come out before the car debuts sometime next year.

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