Rumor: Lamborghini Reconsidering An SUV

We're well aware of the fact that we just recently reported that the official word from Lamborghini was that a future sedan model was much more likely than an SUV. This still seems to be true if there is to be only one vehicle, but word from inside the Volkswagen group is now that Lambo might be considering a second addition to the lineup, and that this would be an SUV sharing a platform with the Porsche Cayenne. Lamborghini sees this as a chance to offer something Ferrari cannot.

Lamborghini got their start building tractors, so they've gotten away with an SUV (the absolutely insane, and therefore loveable, LM002) in the past, and should be able to do so again. Although the fact the Porsche was able to get away with an SUV took everybody by surprise, it is a risk that Ferrari is unlikely to take, and the FF is probably the most mould-breaking Ferrari we'll be seeing for some time. Lamborghini will have to make it distinct from the Cayenne though, so we're hoping for some old-fashioned V12 lunacy for this one.

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