Rumor: Maserati SUV to Receive Chrysler’s HEMI V8

As Italian automaker Fiat continues to increase their ownership stake in Chrysler, they wisely make full use of the American automaker's vast product lineup. The upcoming Maserati SUV will likely be powered by the famed Hemi V8.

Contrary to some popular belief, the upcoming planned Maserati SUV will adapt its V8 power from Chrysler instead of Ferrari. Since both Maserati and Ferrari are a part of Fiat, many had hoped that Ferrari would have supplied the engine. Reportedly, the Maserati SUV will produce somewhere in the neighborhood of around 465hp with its new HEMI V8 engine.

The interior will obviously feature the typical Italian touch of class and luxury with plenty of leather trim and an exterior boasting a more aggressive front and rear ends. For now all we have are these renderings, but hopefully the SUV will appear in concept form at this year's Detroit Auto Show. The unnamed Maserati SUV will be built at Chrysler's Jefferson North assembly plant in Detroit, Michigan and is set for production sometime in 2013. Rendering courtesy of

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