Rumor: New Nissan Z Will Cost $34,995

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It appears the new Z car will simply be called the 'Nissan Z.'

According to a leak from inside Nissan's Tennessee factory via the 400Z Club forum, we have a bunch of new info on the Nissan 400Z. To start, the new Z car will simply be called the Nissan Z in American markets and the Fairlady Z in Japan. The base price will allegedly be $34,995 with all models getting a 400-horsepower twin-turbo V6. If this is true, then Nissan is coming out aggressively to take on the Supra and is undercutting the Toyota base model by just over $5,000 and overpowering it by 145 hp. It would also have more power than the $49,900 and up 382-hp models. The Nissan Z, as it appears it will be called in the US, will also take on Ford's Mustang but we still have little doubt the Supra is Nissan's main target.

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As well as the excellent twin-turbo V6 engine, the leak claims the base model will come with Nissan's Digital Dash, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, and the duckbill spoiler from the photos leaked earlier.

From the base model, the post details two packages called Type S and Type T and a combination ST trim level costing $10,000. If this is all correct, the Nissan Z base model will come with Akebono brakes, and the Type S will swap them for Brembo brakes and update the car with things like thicker sway bars. The Type T will be a comfort package that adds things like leather, powered, heated, and cooled seats.

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We already know there will be a manual option, but the leak claims the Z, like other future Nissan models and the current Titan, will use the Mercedes based 9G Tronic. That would mean no dual-clutch transmission as the 9G Tronic uses torque converter. If this is the case, it will still be a big upgrade over the Jatco 7-speed in the current model.

Speaking of the current model, the leak confirms that the new Z is an upgraded version of the 370Z and the new base model is, effectively, the 370Z Sport. That makes the new Sport model the old 370Z Nismo, and the leak promises a new Nismo is coming although the person says they have no further information.

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Source Credits: 400Z Club

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