Rumor: Next MINI Hatchback May Offer Five-Doors

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And they just keep on coming. According to some recent rumors, MINI is planning to launch a five-door version of their next generation hatchback. The new hatch will resemble the current Clubman, except it would feature optional suicide doors on both sides. Suicide doors are better known as hinged doors which allow entering the car much easier and were very popular during the 1930s prohibition era.

The five-door hatch would weight about an additional 100lbs and raise the car's price tag, but it also gives the hatch more room to compete with bigger cars in certain markets. The next MINI will be around the same size as the previous generations, more or less. It will make its official debut next summer and will go on sale a few months later in the fall of 2012. No word yet when the possible suicide five-door will debut.

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