Rumor: Porsche 928 Reborn on Panamera Platform

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If Porsche brings back the classic 928, it may be based on the current Panamera's platform.

Porsche has a new 928 in the works. The two-door, front engine rear-wheel-drive GT coupe is slotted for the second-generation Porsche Panamera family, according to Autocar. No-one is really sure what to expect in terms of styling for the new 928, however we have some images from one of Porsche's design students that could lend a possible hand in determining what Design Chief Michael Mauer has planned. Porsche's capacity to build has limited them in the past.

Porsche realized that, and major investment has already been planned for their plant in Leipzig, Germany. Capacity for production will be upgraded significantly. From Autocar, a Porsche insider said: "At the moment, derivatives of the Panamera are not planned for the first generation. We hope to add them to the second generation, provided we can find necessary capacity." The new 928 will be a short-chassis version of the new Panamera's platform. With coupe and cabriolet models, Porsche plans to compete the revived vehicle with Aston Martin's DB9, Bentley's Continental and Ferrari's California.

The new Porsche 928 is scheduled to replace the Panamera four-door sedan in 2014/15. It could be badged the 929. Porsche also has plans to shuffle production in their plants to make room for a sports wagon similar to the Mercedes CLS for 2012/13.

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