Rumor: U.S. Military to Drop the Humvee, go to the Diesel Hybrid L-ATV

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The U.S. Army is going diesel-hybrid on their reported Humvee-replacement, the L-ATV.

Most people know the brand OshKosh B'gosh, you know the bratty kids clothing brand from when we were young? Well this Oshkosh doesn't take guff from anyone. Oshkosh Defense (also from Wisconsin) has produced a powerful and strong Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle aka L-ATV that could supplant the Humvee as one of our military's most popular forms of ground transport.

Capable of running on anything from sand to mud to anything in between, the L-ATV is a versatile and strong vehicle able to handle any country that decides to mess with the people-liberating Americans. You hear that Inuits? This thing runs on snow. It was built with the capability to handle multiple armor configurations. Did we also mention that its eco-friendly? Dubbed by the defense company as the 'future of light combat vehicles,' the L-ATV can be equipped with a diesel-electric hybrid powertrain. It also sits on a TAK-4i independent suspension system that gives each wheel up to 20-inches of suspension.

A hybrid system is certainly appealing for the U.S. Department of Defense spends roughly $10 billion on oil a year. The heavily armored hybrid could be the answer to cutting down some of the incredible costs of the military.

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