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Rumored Porsche Models Include Cayenne Coupe And 928 Revival

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If the rumors are true, when can we expect these new models?

Automotive rumors don't always pan out, but it is still fun to speculate on what new models will be coming from certain manufacturers. Porsche has been unveiling new versions of cars left and right, with the new Cayenne E-Hybrid its latest revelation. But when it comes to completely new models, the company doesn't like to stray far from its core offerings. It's hard to predict what a company like Porsche will release in the coming years, but German site Autobild has attempted to predict what the German automaker will release up until 2022.

The first model on the docket is a coupe-like version of the Cayenne SUV. Porsche would be smart to compete in the lucrative SUV Coupe segment, which includes the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe. This new model will likely share drivetrains with the standard Cayenne, but come with a more coupe-like design and a higher price tag. We could see the Cayenne coupe this year in 2018 at the Paris Motor Show. Porsche will likely reveal a facelifted version of the Macan in 2018 as well as the highly anticipated 718 GT4, which is rumored to borrow the 4.0-liter flat-six engine from the 911 GT3.

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One of the most supprising rumors is a revival of the 928 name. A new 928 would be based on the Panamera platform, of course with two doors instead of four. The 992 generation 911 should debut sometime in 2019, along with the Mission E. Finally, an electric version of the Macan is rumored by 2022 when it will arrive with three outputs: 215 horsepower, 322 hp, and 430 hp. Of these rumors, the prospect of a new 928 makes us the most giddy. Which rumored Porsche model are you most excited for?