Rumors: BMW Pondering i4 and i5 Models

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There are rumors that BMW are considering i4 and i5 models to add to their current i-Series.

Just recently, BMW unveiled the first i sub brand models, which are the mega city car i3 and the sporty hybrid i8, but BMW plans on delivering more i-badged cars within the next few years. According to a BMW insider, the German automaker is playing with the idea of a longer i3 model. In addition, there is also word about a possible convertible variant of the i8. The two upcoming models will take these concepts to the next level. The i4 is based on the i3 except it's a sportier version and a two-seater.

The "iPeople" over in Munich see the BMW i4 as a more accessible offer for those with a fixed budget when compared to the i8. The i5 is regarded as the ultimate test for BMW i. It will be a mid-sized four-door sedan with Coupe-like design hints; once again it utilizes the same powertrain from the i8. The design strategy is still being discussed, but one would picture to see the i-specific hints such as sleek aerodynamics, adequate space on the inside to seat four people and hinged doors. Both the i4 and i5 will use CFRP technology in their construction.

The BMW insider says that additional models of the i should be available before 2020 with the i3 preparing to launch in 2013. BMW will step up their marketing efforts around the new i sub-brand within the next upcoming months. For now, the i4 and i5 are simply rumors.

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