Rumors Of New McLaren 675LT Spider Are Complete Bullsh1t

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McLaren is NOT going topless.

So the McLaren 675 LT Coupe is completely sold out due to ridiculously high demand and very short supply (only 500 produced). Surely it's only a matter of time before McLaren produces a Spider version of the 675 Long Tail to capitalize on the car's popularity. Right? At least that what the rumors have been saying. But don't be fooled. A McLaren 675 LT Spider is still a complete fantasy relegated to the gearhead dreamworld. How can we be so sure? Carbuzz spoke directly with Wayne "Man Bat" Bruce, McLaren's Global Communications Director.

Wayne unequivocally shot down any hopes of seeing a McLaren 675 LT droptop in the near future. Although he could understand why there was such intense speculation, due to the incredible success of the 675 LT Coupe. So for all of you who thought that the production of a McLaren 675 LT Spider had finally become a reality, keep on dreaming. It ain't happening.

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