Run For Your Life! Backwards!

Lesson One: don't park a crane on a sharp incline. Lesson Two: keep a sharp eye on the road or you may learn the hard way why Lesson One is Lesson One.

Drivers are faced with split-second decisions all the time. Hit the brakes or accelerate through. Swerve to avoid an obstacle or brace for impact. Swing through the drive-through for another donut or drive on over to the gym. Tough calls, all of them, but the driver in this video from South Korea had another decision to make. When a crane fitted on a truck was improperly secured on a steep incline, its operators found their machinery running away from them, taking with it several road-block barriers erected around it.

The driver on whose dashboard the camera was mounted was driving up the same incline when the truck broke free, heading straight for him like a runaway train. His decision to shift into reverse (or possibly neutral to let gravity take its course) very well may have saved his life.

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