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More often nowadays, we are seeing fashion brands use the latest trendy cars for promotional purposes.

Cars on the catwalk are a rising trend as evidenced by all of these fashionable autos. The day may not be far off when you can walk into a luxury fashion store and shop for a new car while your girlfriend looks for a new handbag. Recently, high fashion labels have been putting their own unique and expensive touch on everything from concept cars to high-powered coupes. If you're interested in seeing what a Fendi Maserati or Lacoste Citroen concept look like then continue reading on.

Lacoste and Citroen teamed up at the 2010 Paris Motor Show to create one of the strangest concept cars ever. The unnamed concept seats four and could best be described as a futuristic beach buggy. The Citroen and Lacoste concept has futuristic features such as a scrolling stock ticker in place of a dashboard and hubcaps designed to look like golf balls. Little crocodiles can be found on the glove compartment, in case you were wondering.

The Maserati GranCabrio recently got a fashionable makeover thanks to Italian fashion powerhouse Fendi. The Fendi GranCabrio was designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi and features the iconic Fendi double F logo stitched onto the seats, in the center of the 20-inch wheels and along the rocker panel.

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TAG Heuer celebrated their 150th birthday in style by teaming with Tesla Motors on a custom Roadster. The TAG Heuer Roadster has a grey carbon-fiber body covered in the Swiss watchmaker's logo. Tesla's design chief Franz von Holzhausen personally designed the interior, which is inspired by the company's watches.

No list of fashionable cars would be complete without the Fiat 500C by Gucci. Gucci's collaboration with Fiat has been much publicized, especially in the U.S. after Fiat showed the Gucci 500C at New York Fashion Week 2011. What the 500C lacks in size and speed it more than makes up for in class with the Gucci's colors splashed across the top of the soft top and the brand's double G logo found throughout the interior and in the center of the wheels.

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