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Ruski G65 AMG Gets Crocodile Leather Carbon Fiber Interior

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Because who said the Russians aren’t red anymore?

Russian outfitter TOPCAR has just released images of a newly outfitted Mercedes G65 AMG, customized with a complete crocodile leather and carbon-fiber interior. Aiming to match the inside with the exterior's massive dimensions and 6.0-liter, 612 horsepower V-12 engine, the SUV was fitted with an interior fit for a road, and off-road, king. But knowing that even crocodile leather might go unnoticed, the company was careful to tint it a screaming shade of bright red.

The result is a leather interior that contrasts beautifully with the all-carbon fiber trimmings and the black leather elements. Together, they blend to create this understated elegance - something like the Red Square on a generous helping of acid. Pricing for this subtle upgrade hasn't been released, but we expect it may have cost nearly as much as the €250,000 car itself. But when you need to make a statement, you mustn't let money become an issue- even if you're thinking in Rubles.

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