Russia's Reaction To GM Quitting Russia Is So Hilariously Russian

Did Russia just call GM "losers?"

Last week’s announcement that General Motors is literally quitting Russia due to falling currency, continued unrest over Ukraine, and, not to mention, Western sanctions, didn’t come as a complete surprise. As of now but not for much longer, GM has a production plant in St. Petersburg where the Chevrolet Cruze and Trailblazer, and Opel Astra are built. Assembly of mass-market Chevys at the GAZ plant is also coming to an end.

Opel is actually leaving the Russian market entirely, and GM will only soon import a few Cadillacs and some US-built Chevys for the select few who can afford them. But what does Russia itself have to say about this departure? A Kremlin spokesman with an ideal Russian name, Dmitry Peskov, pretty much called GM a loser. "The company, unfortunately, disadvantages itself amid the period when the market starts its activation phase. Anyway everything develops in a sinusoidal manner and growth will come after sales drop. We can say it for sure now. Then the company will find itself among the losers." Try saying that out loud in your best Russian-accented English. It’s especially hilarious that way.

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