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Russia's Toyota Supra Allocation Is Shockingly Low

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Is Putin imposing new tariffs?

Living in Russia has its perks. Amazing vodka is one of them. There also some downsides, among them crackdowns on free speech, questionable free and fair elections, and borderline suicidal driving habits (watch a few dash cam videos and you'll understand). But there's another downside we've just discovered, thanks to Motor.ru: hardly any new Toyota Supras.

According to the publication, only 22 examples of Toyota's new sports coupe are due to arrive in Mother Russia this year, including just three A90 Editions, but that's already limited to only 90 units across Europe. For the record, the A90 Edition is basically Europe's launch edition, which is an upgraded Premium spec with matte paint finish, red leather interior, and unique 19-inch black alloy wheels. All three were sold within four hours when orders began.

While can we understand the lack of A90 Editions, it's shocking that only 22 Supras will be imported. Perhaps Toyota is taking a 'wait and see' approach before making a decision on next year's allocation. What can be almost guaranteed is that all remaining 22 Supras will be fought over by those who can afford one.

But wait? Isn't the new Supra relatively affordable in America? Yes, it'll carry an MSRP of $49,990. The Launch Edition begins at a still reasonable $55,250. A quick currency conversion from Russian Rubles to USD is telling. According to the most recent exchange rates, a new 2020 Supra will cost at least $86,440 in Russia.

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That's nearly base trim Porsche 911 Carrera money in America. By comparison, the Supra's BMW cousin, the Z4 M40i roadster, starts at $75,600 in Russia. Chances are that $86 grand equivalent will increase because demand will far outweigh supply. Fortunately, Toyota has promised Supra allocation in the US won't be a problem.

Whoever wants one can get one, assuming no tariffs are imposed on European-built goods; both the Supra and Z4 are assembled in Austria.