Russia Thinks It Can Do The DB9 Better Than Aston Martin


No, this time it didn't get converted into a luxurious tank.

The Aston Martin DB9 is finally getting to retire after 12 years of hard work and will be replaced by the somehow even sexier DB11, except maybe not. It appears that Russian coachbuilder Cardi has drawn up some evil plans to dissect the DB9 and give it an identity change. The result is called the Cardi 442 and it has almost no physical resemblance to the original DB9. A reworked front end removes the iconic Aston Martin grin while a surgically removed B pillar turns the car into more of a luxury cruiser than grand tourer.

A wider body and a swooping rear that never seems to end ensures that anyone looking from the outside will never suspect that a British donor car lies underneath. The last nail in the coffin for the DB9's identity is a completely redone interior. Despite the fact that the interior has a retro Lincoln-eque theme to it, there is a hint of modernity that manages to bring the dated DB9 into the 2010s. A Tesla-like simplicity predominates the interior experience, except that there isn't even a giant iPad screen to control everything. Instead, a large piece of wood trim makes up the majority of the dashboard and keeps the driver focused on the task at hand. Gone are the analogue dials and in place is a screen to tell you how fast you're going.

The car may as well be brand new, except the 442 keeps the 5.9-liter V12 from the DB9 because apparently Cardi thinks that 444-540 horsepower is enough to do the job. That power will be distributed to the rear tires via an automatic transmission, because you cant have a manual on a car with a steering wheel straight from a 1970s Lincoln. The Cardi Concept 442 was initially designed to celebrate Cardi's 25th anniversary, but the Moscow-based company says that it will become a reality. When that reality will make its way onto the road is anyone's guess, as is the price, number of examples to be built, and where the car will be available. Depending on which candidate wins the presidential election, the Concept 442 may even make it to the US, but don't hold your breath.

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