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Russian Blonde's Major Gas Station Fail

Dash Cam / 40 Comments

This lady experiences what it takes to become the ultimate of gas station fails.

While waiting patiently in line at a gas station somewhere in the Motherland, the owner of this dash cam video captured on film two minutes of classic blonde behavior. It begins with the pretty protagonist returning from paying for her gas with the pump still stuck in her Lada. Oblivious to whats going on around her, she enters her car and proceeds to drive off. Before any damage is done a fellow gas station user spots her mishap, gets her to stop and kindly removes the pump.

She quickly realizes she has yet to fill her car with gas and proceeds to do so only to soon realize that her keys are locked inside, requiring an employee to crawl into her car through trunk in order to return them to her. We've seen some celebs struggle at the pump, even seen a spoof on this very topic, but this one takes the cake.

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