Road Rage

Russian BMW Bro Stops Ambulance On The Highway To Assert His Fast Lane Ownership

Bad move, bro.

Like all road rage videos from Russia, we don’t know the whole story here. What we can see, however, is a BMW 6 Series acting like a sheep dog on the highway. From the looks of things, and the poorly translated video description, the Bimmer owner is pissed at the ambulance for driving in the fast lane. Fair enough, especially since the ambulance doesn’t seem to be in that big of hurry. At one point the BMW owner sticks his hand out the window and points right, as if to show the ambulance where the slows go.

This is a fair gripe, but what’s not fair is stopping an ambulance on the highway just to yell at its driver. Way to live up to the BMW owner stereotype, bro.

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