Russian Bravo Motors Creating the Peel P50 of the Future

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If you thought pedestrian sidewalks in cities were crowded before, just wait until these hit the streets.

In a previous episode of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson pointed out the advantages of owning a Peel P50 when he drove it to work and then hand towed it to his office. The car looked painful to drive, but the concept had a lot of potential. Perhaps a few engineers at Bravo Motors in Russia tuned in, because they are taking that idea of personal, one seat enclosure transportation to the next level. They have created the E-Trike project, an ultra compact electric transportation vehicle that allows movement on streets and pedestrian roads alike.

The company believes the E-Trike offers the comfort and security of a full sized car and the ability to drive up to 55 mph. However when caught in traffic or in a tight parking spot, the E-Trike pulls an Inspector Gadget at the press of a button, making itself taller and leaner, cutting its length in half. The E-Trike is positioned as a gadget, with a jet fighter style joystick instead of steering wheel. In addition, the dash is a removable tablet, that allows the user to control navigation, internet access, climate control, audio and video. The company notes that there are 16 competitors coming out with personal electronic cars in the next year and they are positioned to be the early market leader. No word yet on pricing.

This is not going to replace your car, but if you would prefer moving fast in places where you normally would have to walk, the E-Trike will definitely help you get lazier and fatter.

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