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Russian Built UAZ 3741 Deserves Plaudits

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Not famed for their tuning packages, this bespoke Russian creation goes against the grain.

Not your typical tuning vehicle, the UAZ 3741, a 4x4 cargo van derived from the equally unheard of UAZ 452, has been given a host of extreme modifications and the end result is worthy of praise. Tuning jobs from Russia are notoriously shoddy, so when a funky customized car comes our way it's important to share the love. The van's bread-like shape lends it the name 'the loaf,' although this particular model's body has been converted into a pickup and the 4x4 has been removed.

There's also an unidentifiable engine in the bed that helps the stock convert to do some sweet burnouts. Coloration and alloys aside, this is a weirdly desirable creation that hopefully more comrades will take note of and follow suit.

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