Road Rage

Russian Camry Driver Chases His Enemy with Knife

Then gets smacked by a shovel.

There’s no need here to make fun of Russians, again. It’s been done countless times. We all know they aren’t exactly the kindest of drivers, and their tempers often flare with even the slightest of provocations. Call it road rage taken to the extreme thanks to creative uses of axes, metal rods and various other weapons that fit conveniently into car trunks. Heck, even a Toyota Camry is utilized to its fullest when chasing down an enemy.

That’s exactly what this angry driver did. With a knife in one hand, and the steering wheel in the other, the guy manages to ram his his target into a ditch and proceeds to show off his shiny knife and his lack of roof stomping skills. Then he gets attacked with a shovel. Russia's version of Season's Greetings perhaps?

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