Russian Couple Sues Porsche Because Their Panamera Caught On Fire

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Their garage was torched, too.

Roman and Svetlana Martynenko were once a happy Porsche Panamera-owning Russian couple. But that's all in the past now because their Panamera caught on fire while parked in their garage. The couple was woken in the middle of the night by the smell of smoke and fire. And, sure enough, flames were coming out of the Panamera's hood and it was impossible to extinguish them. That was a job for the fire department, which did their best but the car itself was doomed. Totally torched.

And now the Martynenkos are suing Porsche for 100 million Rubles, or roughly $1.5 million. The couple even hired an independent expert to determine the fire's cause: a short circuit in the engine bay. Roman Martynenko reached out to Porsche to share the expert's opinion but received no response.

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