Russian Drifting Fails


Russians always seem to do everything big, including their drift fails.

Being an automobile owner in Russia is extremely dangerous, which is probably why nearly all Russian cars are equipped with dash-cams. But when Russian drivers aren't slamming into one another, fist fighting and pulling random shenanigans or committing insurance fraud, they're drifting. There are plenty of great Russian drifters who own the roads of the Motherland, but there are plenty of Russian drifting failures too. Fails are more fun to watch than wins, so scroll down to see the best of the worst Russian drifting.

Drifting a VW Golf with no skill and at high speeds; what's the worst that could happen? As bad as this failed drift may seem, it's nothing compared to what's next.

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Drifting a Mustang on a temporarily empty street sounds like an awesome idea in theory, but this driver still needs to work on the execution part of his plan. This video proves that even red lights can spell disaster for Russian drivers.

Many words come to mind when thinking of Lada. But "safety" isn't one of them, and "drifting" isn't, either. It's a miracle this Lada didn't burst into flames upon its low speed flip.

Making fun of Russian drivers is almost too easy, but the truth is that not all drivers from the Motherland are that bad. These drivers were just having some fun in the snow when the police arrived to break it up. Instead of running away, they had some fun with the cops as only drifters can.