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Russian Firm Livemap Unveils Cutting-Edge Motorcycle Helmet Head Up Display

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They're OK with not being first, they'd prefer to be the best.

It's true you can already buy a motorcycle helmet with an HUD in it, the Skully helmet is available from the company's website right now for about $1,500. But a new company from Russia is working on a competitor, which they claim will be far superior. Called Livemap, the company might just seem like another startup that's a little late to the game, but the video demonstration looks promising.

Livemap president Andrew Artishchev dismisses Skully as essentially just a glorified Google Glass, which might seem a bit rich when you consider his product is also Android powered. But the big difference doesn't seem to be what information is displayed, but rather how it is displayed. The navigation information on the Livemap seems much easier to see, and far less distracting. Those are two hugely important things when it comes to navigation equipment in any sort of vehicle. The price is steep, $2,000, but early orders get a discount, and the helmet is carbon fiber, which competitors aren't.

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If you're worried about the fact that you don't speak Russian, worry not as Livemap is going to the English-speaking market first. This is for the simple reason that the voice recognition software works best in English.