Russian Guy Drives a Tank to White Castle (Seriously) And Then Some

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This is what happens when a Russian guy gets a hold of an old tank.

A 1944 M5 tank with a 37mm main gun. This is the chosen ride for this guy who starts his day off by picking up some sliders at his local White Castle drive-thru. Then he goes to the firing range. Take a wild guess at what happens next. Now, this is the type of stuff you can't make up as the guy proceeds to blow up items such as a pile of cement bricks and water melons on top of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Then our host simply decides to blow the car up and crush it. Why? Just because.

We're almost at a loss for words on this one, but something about a Russian guy (with really solid English) talking about the abilities of a World War II era tank just makes our day. You're welcome.

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