Russian Hoonage Ends with a Swim

If you're going to drive like an idiot in an open field, better make sure you're nowhere near water.

What do you do when you're bored? We don't mean waiting-for-the-bus bored, twiddling-your-thumbs-waiting-for-an-appointment bored, or sitting-through-a-commercial bored. We mean really bored, like I-live-in-rural-Russia-and-I've-got-nothing-to-do bored. Well, you could take up a hobby, you could start drinking, or if you've got a car, you could head out into a field and have some fun. That's what this guy and his comrades did one afternoon, but things didn't go exactly as planned.

As you can see from this video, the hoonage quickly took a turn for the worse when the car - a Soviet-era 1000 series Lada, from the looks of things - skidded perilously close to the river embankment. If the driver thought he was bored before, we can't help but wonder what he'll do now without a car.

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