Russian Man Fills Wife's Car With Concrete Because Marital Problems

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That's one way to voice your anger at your significant other.

We'll tread lightly on the whole Russia stereotype thing for the moment given the state of the world and the US arsenal of Tomahawk missiles, but this clip of a man causing havoc to a car using concrete was a little too good to not share. In the video, we can see the man laughing as he backs up a cement truck to place the chute through the open window of a red sedan. Since this is Russia and not you run of the mill suburban kid prank, the man of course goes through with it the ordeal.

The end result is, well, at least one way to destroy a car though not the most efficient way we can think of. What does the crazed man and his cackling camera-holding buddy have to say about the whole situation? Thankfully, Jalopnik went ahead and did the burden of translating the video description on Google.

It reads, "In St. Petersburg, a man was poured concrete with a car salon of his own wife, who decided to change her surname to win 50 thousand rubles in shares of the local supermarket 'Verny'. The action consisted in the fact that 50 thousand rubles could be obtained by anyone who officially changed his surname to Verny or Vernaya. The man, judging by his words, intended to give a gift to his wife, but the woman's irresponsible attitude to the generic name infuriated him. He drove the car to the store and filled the interior with concrete. It is noted that the car in this condition is still standing near the supermarket building." Lesson learned, keep your prized vehicles away from crazed spouses.

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