Russian Panamera Goes Kamakazi into a Shuttle Van

Porsche Panameras have many great qualities. Avoiding vans is not one of them.

What better way to enjoy your weekend then by watching the crazy goings on in the streets of Mother Russia from your cozy sofa. In this incident a Porsche Panamera owner was obviously in a rush to get to or get away from somewhere. There was one problem the driver had to deal with: namely, other cars on the road. The driver comes in way too fast, loses control and can't avoid bashing a stopped shuttle bus, sending into into a death spin before landing on its side in the grass.

In many foreign countries, shuttle buses are a popular means of transportation in the form of communal taxis. We are guessing this one was not as popular. Skip a head to 1:45 unless you want to listen to a minute and a half of the Russian version of Bette Midler.

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