Russian Range Rover Sport is Heat Wave Insane

Generations of British aristocrats are rolling in their graves.

The days when Land Rover’s Range Rover models headed to British manors and aristocratic hunting trips are long gone. Nowadays, these SUVs are popular choices for anybody with a bit of new money to flash. But for those who are capable of spending extra money and who require more flash, a new Range Rover Sport may be somewhat underwhelming. For these customers, Russian firm DC Tuning is offering some interesting choices, such as this new “Heat Wave” wrap.

The company has covered the Rover in a multi-layer vinyl wrap with multi-colored hews, including some sunflower yellow, metallic gray, cornflower blue and black. The black leather interior has remained untouched, and no performance upgrades were reported. Is this Range Rover loud enough to steal some attention away from the likes of the Dartz Red Russian?

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