Russian Transforms Mercedes S500 Into Bentley Mulsanne Wannabe

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Here's one way to ruin a perfectly good Mercedes S-Class.

Based on the previous-gen (W221) Mercedes-Benz S500, this is a Bentley replica from St Petersburg, Russia, that describes as being loosely based on the Mulsanne. We previously questioned the sanity of anyone that was seriously considering spending $50,000 on a Mustang-based Continental GT, and the same goes for this S-Class based Bentley replica. The price listed on Russian used car website is a cool 1.7 million Rubles, which Google tells me is the equivalent of just under $29,000 at today's rates.

With redesigned front and rear ends, the Bentley body kit also includes a new hood and trunk with headlights borrowed from a real Bentley. Logos for the British marque adorn the full-size Merc and can be found in the untouched interior, notably on the steering wheel, while the Winged B hood ornament proudly sits at the front of the car. Power comes from the 2008 Mercedes S500's 5.5-liter V8, sending 388 horsepower to all four wheels. With 86,500 kilometers on the clock, there's plenty of life left in this Bentley Benz, which the seller has maintained in "excellent condition" and claims will be good for "skiing tourists and wedding events."

If you're into replicas, while the white Bentley isn't the worst we've ever seen, you might want to consider this $13,000 Ferrari F40 or these Bugatti Veyron rip-offs instead. If not, fly to Russia and see if you can strike a deal.

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