Russian Tuner Builds Its Own 800hp Juke-R

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Not keen on spending $590k on Nissan's own Juke-R? One company in Russia will build you your own for less.

If you're an avid CarBuzz reader, then you must be familiar with the Nissan Juke-R. The Godzilla-powered crossover is available for order (at a price, of course), but Russian tuning firm Shpilli Villi Engineering has taken the idea into its own hands. The custom Juke-R sounds ferocious. And so it should, given the twin-turbo V6 plonked under the hood with fresh HKS turbochargers and a handful of other tweaks. The result is undoubtedly fierce - the only question is whether Shpilli Villi has been as meticulous as Nissan has.

Running on ordinary pump gas, the Juke-R cranks out over 700 horsepower. On 109 octane, however, power has been measured at 800 spine-tingling horses. Just listen to it roar in the first clip below.

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Spotted at the Gran Turismo Evo track day event on the Nurburgring Nordschleife, the custom Juke-R also includes components from the GT-R's interior along with some wide track-spec wheels. Check it out on the track below.

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