Russians Dress Their Cars Up as Tanks for Victory Day

Because the only thing funnier than a Lada is a Lada in costume.

In Russia and across the former Soviet Union, May 9 marksVictory Day – the day the Soviets finally beat Nazi Germany in World War II.For Russians, the day is still widely commemorated and highly important, and ithas become an integral part of the country’s national heritage and pride. Andone of the most widespread, and quirkiest, traditions on this day is for localresidents to dress up their cars in military gear – turning their daily ridesin to mock tanks, missile launchers and more.

This year, with military tensions growing in the Ukraine,some of the residents extended the traditional “Get Berlin” slogan painted ontheir cars to also include “and Maidan” - a reference to the Ukrainian capital ofKiev. We’re sure the images of face-painted Ladas have the Ukrainians wettingtheir pants.

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