Rat Rod

Rusted Rad Rod is Dripping with American Coolness

It has a beer keg for a gas tank. Doesn't get cooler or more American than that.

Rat rods are an American creation that not everyone gets. Totally their loss. They’re low to the ground and look like a smorgasbord of metal and engine bolted to the deteriorating body of an antique car. Old Ford Models As are a common pick. But no matter what, each and every rat rod is completely unique. And, of course, they’re loud and obnoxious. This 1927 Essex Rat Rod was made from a custom built chassis and is powered by a straight-six.

It’s even got Mustang bucket seats and an Anheuser Busch aluminum beer keg that serves as a gas tank with a skull cap cover. The car was originally owned by a guy who went off to fight in WWII, but sadly never returned. So for years the old Essex sat in the back of a farm, gathering rust. It was rediscovered in 2009 partially submerged in mud, and the transformation into rat rod began shortly thereafter. Its hand-tooled, engineered frame was constructed by a top vintage dragster builder from scratch. Despite its many customized bits, this old rust bucket was never painted. And now it’s up for sale on eBay for about $14 k. Only buyers lacking proper ethics need apply.

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