RWB In Hong Kong Building A WideBody, Big-Winged Porsche In Tiffany Blue

The Porsche tuner you either love, or love to hate.

We're calling it, Tiffany blue is the next big color for supercars. We've seen a few now, and you're about to see another one in this video. It's a good looking color and being associated with the also very expensive Tiffany & Co. jewelers just seems appropriate. The car you see here is one of the widebody wack-a-mole level of crazy Porsches built by RWB. This one is being built in Hong Kong, which has a pretty good car scene for a small island.

The car has actually been given the nickname “Tiffany” after the paint color. Seems a bit excessive, but this is RWB, so that's to be expected.

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