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RWD Splendor: Chevy SS Vs Dodge Charger SRT8


Two American, V8-powered rear-wheel-drive sedans. How could you go wrong with either?

A big rear-wheel-drive sedan is becoming less and less common these days. In their place, automakers are offering front- or all-wheel-drive alternatives that, while attractive to some, simply can’t replace the enjoyment a RWD, V8-powered sport sedan can offer. For example, the Ford Taurus SHO is a nice thing, but it’s no Chevy SS. Speaking of which, Chevy has finally upgraded its flagship performance sedan for 2015 with a six-speed manual.

At the same time, Dodge has announced improvements for its 2015 Charger, specifically a new eight-speed automatic that replaces the drab five-speed slushbox. Fortunately, the 6.4-liter Hemi V8 also returns as optional. And for those seeking a RWD, V8 muscle sedan, there just so happens to be two fantastic choices available for tens of thousands of dollars less than, say, a BMW M5. It’s a classic Chevy versus Dodge showdown.

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